A global approach to wellness through 1-to-1 connection with the same massage therapist every time.
In some ways, the pace of today’s world seems to have slowed down. Yet somehow we’ve continued to overfill our plates and take on frantic schedules to get it all done. Sitting in front of computers all day, staring at screens, and homeschooling kids in subjects we know very little about with technology we’ve been forced to figure out have taken a toll on most of us.
The question is, are you willing to carve out the time it takes to rest and recenter your body and mind so that you can perform your best and give your all to those around you? Whether you’re suffering from migraines or reduced range of motion and physical pain, or you’re stressed, exhausted, and experiencing emotional swings, massage therapy forces you to be in the moment, enjoy the healing that stillness brings, and release pains-- both in physical and emotional forms.


Holistic Hands Massotherapy takes a global approach to treatment with attention to both physical and psychological wellness. Your health and safety are our top priorities, as well as providing a service that is truly patient-focused. To that end, we’ll start every session with a brief conversation to check in so you can let go of the week’s stresses before getting on the table. Our patients can expect unparalleled communication and a comprehensive treatment approach that identifies underlying dysfunction. We combine the latest soft tissue techniques with patient education to maximize results. We treat acute and chronic pain, soft tissue disorders, decreased range of motion, and general stress.

Holistic Hands Massotherapy is owned and operated by Cory Langenbeck LMT. He has a physical therapy background of 10+ years, starting out in Subacute orthopedics and the last 4 years in home health. Looking for a more intimate approach to health care Cory decided to go back to school for Massage Therapy. The slower, patient focused, holistic approach with massage was exactly the direction he wanted to go. Cory graduated from Stark State in 2020 with dual certifications, Sport Massage Specialist and Massage therapy.

In early January 2021 he passed the MBLEx and received his Ohio Massage license. Cory is also certificated in Active release technique, cupping, and instrument assisted soft tissue Mobilization (IASTM). Outside of work Cory enjoys trail running, traveling and spending time boating on Lake Cable with his wife and 3 boys.




Self Care Club

If you’re ready to take your healing seriously and heal faster, then consistency is key and our Self Care Club is the solution. The Self Care Club is a proactive approach to your health and wellness. With consistent massage, we can manage current issues, prevent further injury or stress, and align the body and mind for the optimal level of functioning. Self Care Club members benefit from priority booking with the same massage therapist in order to make real progress without setbacks. You’ll also benefit from discounted sessions and annual perks. Stay out in front of burnout, injuries, all of life stressor and recover faster with regular massage.
Ask about our Self Care Club today call 330-333-9889 discuss your specific needs.


Community is defined as:

  1. A Group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common.

  2. A feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests and goals.

The feeling of fellowship with others, as a result sharing of common attitudes, interests and goals speaks is a values that Holistic Hands Massotherapy will adopt. Mary Englebert once said “Bloom where you are planted”. Investment in our community is one way water the garden and enhance the Bloom. Each quarter he will give 5% of business back into our community by adopting local charities and non profits. Stark County is our home and we will support/showcase some of the very best pillar of this amazing community.



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